Blankets & Bedspreads

Our range of blankets are perfect for creating a warm ambiance or to add colour and style to your room

Blankets & Bedspreads
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  1. Weighted Therapy Blanket
    Weighted Therapy Blanket
    Special Price £119.00 Regular Price £179.99
  2. Snuggle Touch Throw
    Snuggle Touch Throw From
    As low as £9.37
  3. Rose Garden Bedspread
    Rose Garden Bedspread From
    As low as £16.06
  4. Hotel Fleece Blankets
    Hotel Fleece Blankets From
    As low as £16.50
  5. Cotton Cellular Blanket
    Cotton Cellular Blanket From
    As low as £18.43
  6. Ibena Blanket Throw 150/200cm
    Ibena Blanket Throw 150/200cm From
    As low as £28.80
  7. Bolingbroke Throws and Cushions
    Bolingbroke Throws and Cushions From
    As low as £25.12
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